Photojournalism; An Idea

Hello, internet! Photojournalism is a method of telling a story through photographs. One idea that interests me is photographing social injustice throughout the city of Tampa. One example would be a photo of a homeless person sitting in front of a large establishment with nothing but a few cents. Countless people walk by without batting an eye. In contrast, I could photograph a middle-class person walking with their family and their reactions and body language. My photographs can focus on the lack of sympathy shown through expressions. Another idea is the destruction of wildlife, specifically in Florida. I can show construction sites with housing developments being built on habitats. It is harmful to animals because they are being uprooted with no choice. Humans do not utilize their space properly. I’m excited to take photographs of things that interest me. I hope these topics inspire and promote change within our communities.


Service Journalism Thoughts:

College is when many students move away from their parents or guardians. A lot of young adults move into cramped apartments that leave little room for decor and personal touches. My story will provide you with tips and tricks on how to optimize space and ways to decorate on a budget. Because let’s be honest, “broke college student” isn’t just a funny saying. It is challenging to find furniture that is aesthetically¬†pleasing, yet won’t break the bank. My story will also explain how one can purchase individual pieces that appear as a set. I aim to contribute design strategies for someone who is potentially frustrated with their living space. My sources will be from interior designers who can lend some of their experience. I am extremely passionate about architecture and design so I am hoping that my story will inspire others and create something magical!

Blog #2: Interview

Someone that I’m very interested in interviewing is Emily Weiss, founder, and CEO of Glossier, a beauty company. The reason I’m so intrigued by Weiss is that she transformed her ordinary blog into a profiting¬†and successful brand that is now recognized worldwide. She started out as a college student, like many of us, trying to find a creative outlet. After taking an internship, in college, at Teen Vogue, she created her blog, “Into the Gloss”. Her experiences during photo shoots and styling sparked her inspiration which eventually reflected her artistry. In its early days, “Into the Gloss” featured interviews with the professionals on various sets, including creative designers of fashion houses. These are the individuals whom Weiss had direct contact with while interning. I’m fascinated by Emily Weiss because she began an empire during her college years, which is pretty extraordinary. She was able to work for herself and obtain complete control over her business. Specific questions I would like to ask are, “What daily operations do you perform to run a smooth and organized company?” Another question is, “Did you initially think Glossier would become a huge success?”

So here’s what I’m about…

I am so happy you’ve decided to get to know me a little better. I’m Amy! I’m a mass communications major and I’m excited to be able to finally pursue this dream of mine. I’m sure you’re curious about what interests me specifically about communications. It’s quite simple, really- I communicate because it is a way to express how you’re feeling. I want the individuals who read my content to be able to relate to me on a personal level.

I’ve always been inspired by many different people. Whether it’s fashion bloggers or daily content creators, I’m intrigued by their creativity and artistry, which is something I aspire to obtain. Some of my other interests include interior decoration, architecture, and design in general. My blog will mainly focus on my everyday thoughts and ideas. I am going to have uploaded assignments as well. I hope you enjoy reading my content as much as I enjoy producing it! Happy blogging!